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May 2, 2011

EPiServer CMS 5 / PageTypeBuilder 1.1 / UnmappablePropertyTypeException

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I never work on EPiServer projects without PageTypeBuilder anymore, it’s such a great tool, however version 1.1 (the one to use for EPiServer CMS 5) has a really annoying “bug/feature” in it:

If you add a new custom property type and make use of it all in one go then PTB will *sometimes* throw an UnmappablePropertyTypeException. The reason is that EPiServer does not yet know of a given property, (the reflection magic which makes EPi startup times such a nightmare has not yet been executed on the assembly containing the prop and thus registered the prop to the EPi DB)

(this is not a problem on later PTB versions, but they don’t support EPiServer CMS 5)

the reason this only crops up *sometimes* is that the order in which EPi CMS 5 does its thing is important. If it finds the DLL with the prop first then you are ok, if it finds the PTB page type definitions first then you get the exception. This wouldn’t be such a huge problem if EPi continued wth dll registration after PTB throws up, so that the property in question would get into the DB and thus be ready for the next time PTB starts up, but then I wouldn’t be writing this blogpost if it did.

Even if you are really careful with always adding the custom property first, starting the site, adding the use of the property to a PTB page type, starting the site again, you are vulnerable when deploying to a new system (test / stage / prod) or when rolling back to a previous version of the EPiServer DB.

PageTypeBuilder comes with a funnily named config setting you can enable: “disablePageTypeUpdation”, but setting this to true does not stop the exception from cropping up, as the thing you are disabling is the “updation” of already known page types, it still goes through and adds new pagetypes, and more importantly: it validates the entire PTB setup, which fails as there is an unknown property type.

So I made my own version of PTB 1.1 which actually lets you disable it completely so that it doesn’t throw a spanner in the works when registering new custom properties, the new property is called disablePageTypeBuilder, and its implementation is thusly:


        [ConfigurationProperty("disablePageTypeBuilder", IsRequired = false)]
        public virtual bool DisablePageTypeBuilder
                return (bool)this["disablePageTypeBuilder"];

\Initializer.cs :

  public static void Start()
            lock (_lockObject)
                if (_started)

                PageTypeBuilderConfiguration configuration = PageTypeBuilderConfiguration.GetConfiguration();
                if (!configuration.DisablePageTypeBuilder)
                    PageTypeSynchronizer synchronizer = new PageTypeSynchronizer(new PageTypeDefinitionLocator(),


                    DataFactory.Instance.LoadedPage += DataFactory_LoadedPage;
                    DataFactory.Instance.LoadedChildren += DataFactory_LoadedChildren;
                    DataFactory.Instance.LoadedDefaultPageData += DataFactory_LoadedPage;

                _started = true;


    public class UnmappablePropertyTypeException : PageTypeBuilderException
        private const string NewMappingsHint =
You may try to disable PageTypeBuilder using the pagetypebuilder config section
( <section name=""pageTypeBuilder"" type=""PageTypeBuilder.Configuration.PageTypeBuilderConfiguration, PageTypeBuilder""/> )
with attribute <pageTypeBuilder disablePageTypeBuilder=""True"" />
and run the site once without PTB to register any new custom properties first,
then reactivate PTB to make use of new properties";

        public UnmappablePropertyTypeException()

        public UnmappablePropertyTypeException(string message) : base(message + NewMappingsHint)


        public UnmappablePropertyTypeException(string message, Exception innerException)
            : base(message + NewMappingsHint, innerException)

This means that when you get the exception you can just turn off PTB, restart, then turn on PTB and restart and you’re set

You disable PageTypeBuilder like this in web.config:

    <section name="pageTypeBuilder" type="PageTypeBuilder.Configuration.PageTypeBuilderConfiguration, PageTypeBuilder"/>
    <pageTypeBuilder disablePageTypeBuilder="true" />

If you’re too lazy to compile it yourself you can download this file:, and change from .doc to .zip, (thanks a lot wordpress….) unzip it and use it instead of the regular PTB1.1


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